Current Taught Courses

  • CSE-102: Programming Language-I (Course Home Page)

  • CSE-221: Programming Language-II (Course Home Page)

  • CSE-103: Introduction to Computer Application II (Course Home Page)

  • CSE-333: Software Engineering (Course Home Page)

  • CSE-322: Operating System (Course Home Page)

  • EEE-243: Electrical Circuits-I (DC)

  • CSE-431: Web Design and Engineering

  • CSE-489: Human Computer Interaction

  • Courses Learnt @ Royal Institute of Technology(KTH), Sweden

    1. Java Programming (ID1006)
    2. Java Network Programming and Distributed Computing (ID2010)
    3. Human Computer Interaction (IC1007)
    4. Advance Human Computer Interaction (IC2010)
    5. Methodology of Interaction Design(IC2005)
    6. Scientific Writing and Research Methodology (II2202)
    7. Ubiquitous Computing (ID2012)
    8. Requirement Engineering (REQ/IV2032)
    9. Multimodal Interaction and Interfaces (DT2140)
    10. Mobile Business (IV2010)
    11. Collaborative Computing (IC2007)
    12. Cognitive and social science: HMI (IC2006)
    13. Systems Theory and IT (SYST/IV2034)

    Courses Learnt @ Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology(AUST), Bangladesh

    1. Programming Language I(C)
    2. Programming Language II(C++)
    3. Object-Oriented Programming Languages (Java)
    4. Database Management Systems
    5. System Analysis and Design
    6. Software Engineering
    7. Operating Systems
    8. Computer Architecture
    9. Digital System Design
    10. Microprocessors
    11. Computer Architecture
    12. Microprocessor Based System Design
    13. Data Structure
    14. Computer Algorithm
    15. Information System Design

    2015, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, BU, Comilla, Bangladesh.